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Top Reviewer
Everything arrived on time and my order was perfect and delicious!!!


Top Reviewer
Salmon Ikura Don is my go-to. Never disappoints. :-)


2 reviews
Delivery person was too kind!

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3 reviews
Ramen doesn't travel well. But this ramen was very good ramen for delivery ramen. The Tonkotsu broth was rich, the chashu pork was good (though I'd like an option to order extra pork and other toppings with the ramen). The egg was good for an egg that had to travel. The soup was piping hot and delivered in a container separate from the ramen (as it should be, otherwise the noodles end up almost dissolving). We bought two kinds of ramen, and the broth and ramen containers were all marked so we didn't inadvertently put the wrong broth on the ramen. We also ordered two extra orders of noodles, and they were packed separately (some places will put both in a larger container, and it's very difficult to separate them without tearing them apart).

Definitely will order again when I feel like ramen but don't feel like leaving the apartment.


Top Reviewer
I love this restaurant. Reasonable price and generous portion. One suggestion, covers of the food containers are always broken and pasta sauce is leaking because the containers need to be piled up in the bag while a delivery staff carries. Use 2-3 covers on each container. In this way the covers would be stronger and won't break under the other containers.


1 review
Delivery is on time with pleasing attitude. Food is GREAT! Finally there has a place where the curry is true Japanese curry! Not Thai, not any other unknown type of curry, but Japanese curry! And their gyu don is awesome!! The name "Shokudo" makes sense.


3 reviews
Ordering soup noodles can sometimes be disappointing but the soup was still hot!
Food came earlier than expected!
Wonderful for me, but might be an inconvenience to some


Top Reviewer
Excellent food and prompt delivery. I was extremely pleased with this restaurant and will definitely order again.

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